Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another year older…

This picture is from one of my favorite places – the Gulf Islands in British Columbia. Princess Cove, to be exact. I love to sit out on the front of the boat and watch the sun set in the western sky. Often I've snuck away from dinner dishes or games being played below for a moment of silence on the water.

Nothing is really silent except for me - which is truly what I seek. I relish those long moments where I can just be with the beauty of the world around me...and keep my mouth shut.

I turn 46 tomorrow and I would relish the day much more if I could time warp back to Princess Cove on a warm summer evening and just sit with the silence. 
Hey, don't think I'm sad - the beauty of this is that I'm finally making peace with the needs this introvert has for solitude.  It's taken - well - 46 years to get here.

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