Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A visit with my doctor

I started this week feeling glum after seeing my doctor. Okay, so I weigh a couple more pounds and my blood pressure was higher than usual and I am pretty positive that my blood work will come back with elevated cholesterol levels. There were some other issues - some to worry over, others that are remedied with a few more minerals and vitamins added to my morning routine.
My mother then called to let me know that her cousin is very ill. He went into the doctor for one problem and found out that his body was full of cancer.
I got a call from another friend today about a mutual friend – who went in to have surgery on one thing and found out her body was full of cancer.
These two lovely people are facing the end of the journey. They are surrounded by loved ones, still fighting to have even one more quality moment with those that they love. One last instance immersed in this thing called living.
I'll take my vitamins; I'll exercise and watch what I eat. But there is also the way that the world turns and sometimes we can't foresee the particular twists that appear so suddenly on our path. I doubt I am any more prepared than my friend and cousin were in that moment when a suspicious symptom unfolded into a nightmare. I can cry for them, pray for them and wish that life could have spared them such pain.
Bless you both and may the grace of Spirit bring you peace.

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