Sunday, May 12, 2013

Favorite Motherhood Moments

This list is obviously incomplete but here are a few memories that come to mind this Mother’s Day:

1.       Discovering the epidural… with the last birth out of three.

2.       The smell of my children’s heads.

3.       Tricking Andy into getting up every night to change diapers.

4.       Listening to my nine year old son explain his underwater sea base from which he is going to rule the world. “So, as a mom of an evil overlord, can I have Hawaii?” He gave that some thought and finally said ‘sure.”

5.       Discovering my oldest daughter is an artist when she used a rock to draw on the side panel of my car. She was so proud of her work – for about ten seconds. It’s possible that that is also the moment she realized I was a lot faster than she was – at four.

6.       Watching my youngest toddler out-tease her teasing grandfather.

7.       Watching my youngest boss her two older siblings around – still a toddler – and have them do what she says.

8.       Teaching all three kids the proper way to burn marshmallows over an open fire.

9.       Taking my eleven year old son out in Age of Empires after he kept stealing his sister’s sheep. “Mom, why are your trebuchet’s in my town?”  “Uh, we’re just visiting?”

10.   Visiting the zoo to take youngest daughter to see “her lemur.”

11.   Any time I have a child’s head in my lap in need of some mental massage.

12.   Sunday night dinners.

13.   Any time we all get to be together.

14.   Any moment when I’ve seen my children realize how unique and amazing they are – in and of themselves – because they keep following their passions with courage and heart.

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