Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camping in Utah…in April?

Tomorrow I accept a challenge that I have presented myself with. I will be camping for five days, participating in an Advanced Intensive with Animas Valley Institute exploring shadow work, sacred wounds and how to keep warm with a weather forecast of snow and rain.
Perhaps this is more of a dare – a double dare – that I took on. I dare you, Jennifer, to yank yourself out of your comfort zone and dive head first into an experience that has all the elements that you say you want in your life. I double dare you. Go on. Do it.
But I didn't think it would be snowing…
So what – are you backing out? Getting cold feet?
No…but what if it rains so much that everything I have gets wet….
So? Gonna pick up your toys and go home?
What if I – how about –
And then another thought (voice) enters the picture (I swear I'm not crazy!): Jennifer, this retreat is for you. To do what you want to do. To say what you want to say. To walk in the wilderness. To write, to take pictures, to listen – or not. You have a car and a credit card – if it isn't the right place then you have the choice to walk away. AND, you also can have some faith in your instincts and how they drew you to this program at this moment.
Oh yeah.
Sometimes I forget.


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