Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gods are laughing…

Be careful what you ask for. Sometimes we plant the seeds of our visions in fallow fields with a dream of what they might bring us. That's what I did with a particular workshop through the Animas Valley Institute. I applied for one of their advanced intensives – was accepted and then had to wait for them to confirm whether the intensive was going to happen. Meanwhile my personal and professional world crack open and I've been off kilter ever sense. Today I found out that the intensive is on and I am going whether I want to or not. There was a non-refundable deposit. These folks aren't messing around – they understand how many 'excuses' can come up when faced with the work to be done.
I willed those seeds into existence with a deep yearning for nourishment and balance. I planted them in soil that I wasn't sure was ready to host new life. Spirit came in and decided to crank up the anxiety and pain like a heat lamp on steroids.
Okay, that's a bit of a weird image, but stay with me.
And now I'm going to get to go spend 5 days camping in Utah and do soul work. I can't even begin to describe the feeling I have right now of being caught in the headlights. I put out the question to the universe – what do I want to do with my one wild and precious life – and I'm being provided an opportunity to start walking again on a path that I've been absent from for some time now.
I'm excited, nervous and not making any excuses. I'm going to go. I'll give myself the opportunity to reconnect with my heart and then I'll come back and figure out the next piece of the story.
Spirit has a hell of a sense of humor.

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