Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's wrong with looking my age?

My husband, bless his sweet heart, gave me a compliment this morning as I was getting ready for work - "hon, you look great today.  You don't look like you're forty seven at all. You look younger."
A compliment and yet...
What's wrong with looking just like I look today AND being forty six and eleven months? What does 46 or 47 years old look like?  And why is being told I look younger than I am considered a compliment - just as it is insulting if you tell someone that they look older than their age?
I look in the mirror and see some wrinkles, spots, discolorations and diminishing eyebrows.  I see how shiny my short mop of hair is now with all the silver in it.  I am heading towards fifty and feel so grateful to have my health and love and joy in my life.
The mirror shows me one way to look at a forty six year old woman and I really have no desire any longer to compare how I look to any other mid-forties woman.  No more comparisons with thin supermodels, actresses or the perfectly coifed, designer dressed suburban yoga queens. 
If letting go of such confining and draining thoughts is part of getting older - life is going to keep getting better and better.

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  1. Oh...this brings up so much. I have to laugh as the past three days I've been using the free sample from my magazine for "L'Oréal Youth Code Intense Serum" and staring at my face closely in the mirror each day looking for improvements. ;) I usually don't fall into this trap...