Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exit Interview

I have a multitude of impressions from my last days on the job with what is now my ex-employer. I worked through the last month hand in hand with my replacement and left on Tuesday after a small party arranged to mark the occasion of my last day.

Looking back, it was a hard month as I counted down the days.  I suddenly understood the benefit of giving two weeks notice and then being gone. Think of it as pulling the band aid off extra slow instead of fast. It's a bit torturous. And still it was crazy with little time to hand off projects.

How is it that I ended up with the Amazon affiliate account? Twitter and Facebook?

I feel like I've been standing in the pilothouse of a boat that has just come through a long, arduous trip across a stormy sea.  The waves are gone but I'm reeling a bit from the experience. There are so many pieces of this experience that I still need to assimilate but a deep and wonderful insight fills me up: I stayed true to my self during this process. I stayed open and curious and caring.  I never lost my footing because I kept my knees bent (yet another sailor metaphor) and stayed very present to the moment. I haven't been able to see the horizon - what lies ahead is shrouded in fog and mystery - but a deep and soulful knowing led me through this Ending with an abiding grace and faith in how I want to exist on this planet.

Now to see what awaits.

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