Friday, January 13, 2012

Look to the Elders

Glenna (in white) with my grandmother Martha
One of the best ways to figure out what life will look like twenty years down the road is to keep an eye on the elders in your family.  I went to a birthday party for my great aunt Glenna and g. uncle Oscar; 90 and 87 respectfully and was delighted to find them in good health. Mentally and physically.  They still work four days a week.  Yes, some things are getting a little difficult - but they are making their quality of life each and every day.
Sometimes I feel like if I don't choose what I want to do now - why even bother? I'll never have that long to actually do anything with newly acquired skills.  Well - what if I had another twenty years? 
Mid-life is not end of life - it's not a fast track to The End. It is simply that time when we have hopefully become adults and have a chance to make our life what we want.
I don't think this way everyday - at least consciously. Seeing the sparkle in my great aunt's eye made me realize that I may just be a bit shortsighted in my thinking when I look at my future.

What can I imagine as possible with another twenty or thirty years  to learn and grow?

Glenna at 90 with Oscar at 87 years young

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